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Gold Rate Today: सोना की कीमत में हुआ भारी गिरावट,

Gold Rate Today: सोना की कीमत में हुआ भारी गिरावट,

Gold Rate Today: Hello friends, in today’s post we are going to tell you all. That if you want to buy all gold, then from where and how you can buy all gold. Many buyers are not aware. How to know the price of gold as it is being seen here. That the price of gold has come down drastically, and in which states this decline has taken place. You people do not know about this if you have thought of buying gold. Or today you people want to buy gold, then all of you should find out how much the price of gold is going on. In today’s article, you are going to tell everyone that how much the gold price is going on. , And how can you guys find out.

Fresh Gold Rate Today

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Gold Price Update News

There has been a huge fall in the price of gold. You must have seen a lot of news about it on social media. But you people have seen the right news, want to tell you that the wedding season is going on, in which you can buy gold at the lowest prices. Here you have been given some information for these, if you want to buy them. So you can buy it keeping the information in mind.

what is the price of gold Today

You want to tell everyone. That if you guys want to find out the price of gold today, then you guys can find out.

1. 24K gold price in Delhi is ₹61,859 and for the same thing 22K gold price is ₹59,423.

2. 24K gold price in Haryana is ₹ 62, 456 and The cost of 22 carat gold is ₹60,324.

3. In Uttar Pradesh, the price of 24 carat gold is being seen at ₹62,896 for 10 grams and 22 carat gold is being seen at ₹60,963 for 10 grams.

4. The price of 24 carat gold in Kolkata is ₹ 63,546, which can buy you 10 grams of gold, if you want to give 10 grams of 22 carat gold, then all of you will get to see ₹ 61,853.

gold price in bullion market What’s up

want to tell That if you want to tell all of you to find out about the price of gold in bullion market, that if you buy 24 carat gold in bullion market, you will also get 10 grams. So ₹ 68000 will be seen as well if you people take 22 carat gold. 10 grams then all of you will get to see ₹ 62000. And you people buy 20 carat gold, then you will get 10 grams for ₹61000.

where to buy gold

You must have thought at some time or the other. From where to buy gold so that we can get to see it at the lowest prices, it has been told in this post. In which state the price of gold is going in how much rupees. You guys can find out with his help, and you all are going to have a lot more convenience in buying gold.

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Fresh Gold Rate Today

Fresh Gold Rate Today 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I would like to inform you all that this All the information has been obtained from the internet. And its complete information has been told from our side in today’s post. Let us tell you that this rate can go up and down at any time. Therefore this website will not be responsible in any way.

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